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Acupuncture • Massage • Therapy


Massage and Acupuncture

Life Force Health and Wellness offers holistic healing practices from our mindful, certified practitioners. These include Acupuncture, modern Micro-current Point Stimulation, Cupping, and Massage.  Enjoy a relaxing or deep tissue massage or light touch Reiki session to bring healing to a whole new level.  Combine your treatments for optimal healing and experience a unique journey to wellness.


QiGong and Meditation

Feel freedom through deep meditation.   Join in our empowering Qigong session and free yourself from stagnation, align your body and calm your mind. Life Force certified practitioners will guide you individually or as a group to personal enlightenment and wellness.


Life Improvement

Improve your mental clarity and create wellness mind, body and spirit with Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and  Life Coaching. A strong mind is a strong body!  Individual or group sessions available.


Herbal Treatment

Plants provide healing energy while creating balance, good nutrition and good health.  Live your best life with natural herb medicine while learning the art of whole food nutrition.


Reserve Your Healing

Life Force Health and Wellness is a network of healthcare providers specialized in integrative medicine.  Our program is designed to facilitate a variety of services complementary to one another so that you can experience the benefits of holistic healthcare.  Our goal is to provide you with services that are effective and affordable so that natural medicine can be a integrative part of your everyday life.  Start your journey to better health with our Living Wellness program!